Demain se dessine aujourd'hui.



In all fields where applied creativity is useful, ideas only make sense through the context that gives them birth and in their destined end use.


To produce something just for effect is of no use to anyone. You need to answer the question, because enlightened efficiency counts just as much as aesthetics. Exploring the depths of things, making less expensive and more intelligent.




Each study is developed on a case-by-case basis. The project is based on information gathering, seeking solutions by analysing and summarizing the problem to concretize ideas.


Equipement and software


Apple Mac workstations Illustrator, Photoshop,

In Design, Shark FX

In 1999, the designer olivier dutheil founded facta studio.


graphic design: visual identity, publishing

industrial design: general public and technical product

space design: signage, exhibition


Tomorrow means listening today.

To design a product destined for the general public, a brochure, technical equipment or visual identity system, we have first of all to listen to you.


Tomorrow means analysing today.

To understand your company’s culture, take into account its positioning and ambitions, accommodate the technical, commercial and economic constraints, analyse the possibilities.


Tomorrow means imagining today.

facta endeavours to imagine a long-term and adapted response by rigorously, yet sensitively, exploiting the parameters.


Demain se dessine aujourd'hui.